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November 30 2021
Spicy breast milk?
Spicy substance from pepper gets into breast milk after eating
In part of a recent human study led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), it was found that after eating a curry dish containing pepper, piperine - an alkaloid responsible for the pungency of ...
The tea industry is also affected by raw material shortages
The mood among the members of the German Tea & Herbal Tea Association, the local representative of the industry, is actually positive throughout. Cause for joy ...
Groundbreaking technology from Arla Foods Ingredients holds potential to revolutionize innovation for dairy
A revolutionary technology to separate milk  into its different protein ...
Shopping trolleys save shoppers money as pushing reduces spending, finds new study
The repositioning of the handles on trolleys could boost sales by 25 per cent for retailers ...
General Mills Announces Proposed Sale of European Dough Businesses to Cérélia
General Mills announced that it has agreed to sell its European dough businesses to Cérélia, a global leader ...
Only alcohol -- not caffeine, diet or lack of sleep -- might trigger heart rhythm condition
Lifestyle factors may play role in managing the malady, latest study shows ...
Impossible Foods Closes $500M in New Funding Amid Record Growth
California-based Impossible Foods announced today that it has secured approximately $500 million in ...
Gen Z drive demand for alcohol reduction
Avoidance of alcohol is becoming the norm for a growing minority of consumers around the world. While this trend is seen across all age groups, it is most ...
Latte lovers, rejoice: Coffee could lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease
A long-term study has revealed drinking higher amounts of coffee may have health benefits later in life ...
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